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About The CRDB Bank Marathon

CRDB Bank Marathon is an international race that provides opportunities for communities, clients, partnering institutions, and partners around the world to participate with CRDB Bank to make a contribution to society within the concepts of; education, health, and the environment. The CRDB Bank Marathon is an opportunity for the community and the world to help improve our society and to spread a smile to people in need. 

A Message from Management

"Through our community social Investment policy, we have been involved in improving the lives of our community and bringing about development in the fields of education, health, and the environment. CRDB Bank Marathon allows us to partner with our customers, business partners, and all Tanzanians in further solving the challenges facing our society ".

"This year 2021 we continue to focus on helping to improve health in our community, our goal is to continue to encourage the contribution of surgical costs to children with heart problems at the JKCI Heart Institute as there is still a high need. Part of the money raised will be used to rebuild the Ocean Road Cancer Hospital Communication Center. The rebuilding of the facility will help Tanzanians access proper medical information and also support the Government's efforts in fighting this illness. Our motto is the same as  last year “The Pace That Spreads a Smile” Welcome all to participate

Abdulmajid Mussa Nsekela

Tully Esther Mwambapa

Director of Corporate Affairs - CRDB Bank Plc

Group CEO & Managing Director - ‎CRDB Bank Plc