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Compensation Declaration

I certify that I agree with the statements listed below that;

  • I have read the terms and conditions of participating in the CRDB Bank Marathon and I agree to participate with the understanding that I will comply with all the conditions listed.
  • I acknowledge that by accepting these terms and conditions, I agree to use my personal information, photographs, or other records of this event for any legitimate purpose including commercial advertising, product marketing provided by CRDB Bank Marathon coordinator and sponsors.
  • I understand the challenges associated with running/cycling so I will participate voluntarily and be personally responsible for what happens.
  •  I am physically fit and able to participate in these races and have not been advised otherwise by a qualified doctor.


  •  I will not file any complaints regarding the challenges that will arise in this race, nor will I file charges in legal, private, or through my lawyers.
  •  If I am injured or sick, I authorize the organizers of this race and the officers to transport me to a medical facility or hospital and to remove any claims that may be caused by transportation, delays, or medical shortcomings.
  •  If I have a child/adolescent under 18 under my care, then I will make sure that they are always accompanied by a responsible adult and understand the rules and regulations of this race.
  •   I declare that all the information I have submitted is correct and I certify that I agree with all the terms and conditions of this race.


All rights reserved.